Why Spitfire?

Consider some of the following and compare:

  • At Spitfire trailers we have introduced some of the greatest advancement and innovation seen in boat trailers in decades.
  • For many years we built trailers for trailer companies… then only a couple short years ago, we decided that the public needed a better product at a fairer price.
  • We believed we could build an aluminium trailer for the price of a quality galvanised steel trailer.
  • We introduced previously unseen practices like independent vehicle engineer certification of each model, toughened T6 Grade aluminium rather than mill finished T4 and… believe it or not, anodised aluminium.
  • With 36 years manufacturing experience, over 10 years of exclusive trailer manufacturing it took us another 18 months to design and develop a range of anodised aluminium trailers that have found world acclaim.
  • We are now exporting around the globe.

Take a few moments to read on and find out why Spitfire Anodised Aluminium Trailers have been globally accepted as the industry leader in quality and price.

Price Competitive, with galvanised steel trailers!

In house manufacture allows Spitfire to compete with most galvanised steel trailers, certainly in the mid to larger model sizes, but if you compare apples with apples and compare Spitfire’s quality accessories, then Spitfire are untouchable in price. OEM fitting of world-class brands provides a first class quality product at a realistic price.

Our standard Models include:

  • Torsion Axles

    Torsion axle rubber suspension provides a far superior towing experience. Boat builders know that trailering a boat may be the most abuse a hull receives. Torsion axles are superior in every way and reduce that wear and tear.

    Everyday towing creates oscillation that is transferred to the trailer skids or rollers causing potential hull fatigue, deformation and damage. However, the torsion axle system allows each wheel to operate independently and provides superior shock absorption and a smoother ride than steel springs.  Our torsion axles will:

      1. improve handling, delivering better cornering ability and rough road stability.
      2. virtually eliminate the sway allowed by typical leaf spring hanger set-ups.
      3. not rust like springs for better durability and longer life
      4. eliminate suspension noise as there is no metal to metal contact
      5. act as additional structural bracing


  • Hydraulic Vented Disc Brakes

    Hydraulic vented disc brakes are standard equipment on Spitfire. We offer two brands, DEEMAX and Kodiak.
    Not just any brand of brake but either Kodiak and Deemax who have established a world wide reputation for quality and reliability in trailer brakes.

  • Brake lines

    Industry standard for trailer brakes are cable mechanical and usually ‘no name’ brake calipers, Spitfire trailers use flexible Teflon, stainless steel braided certified lines.

  • Lights

    All spitfire lights are approved in Europe, Australia and the US. In addition Spitfire have ‘down lights’ .. the lights have a down light which allows you to see the ground if you have to check your load at night and also provides some visual reference through your side mirrors when driving.

  • Twin Reversing Lights

    We know boating and we know that more often than not you will return after a day on the water and need to back your trailer into your parking spot. As such Spitfire Boat Trailers are equipped with twin reversing lights.

  • Light fittings

    Spitfire wiring looms have a bayonet fitting which ensues maximum water protection. The back of the light has no wires but a socket which the loom plugs into.

  • Aluminium Vs galvanised steel

    It is common knowledge that aluminium trailers traditionally cost 30% to 40% more than steel trailers. Spitfire have broken this myth because we extrude our own metal and make our trailers in-house bypassing metal merchants, middle men and transport.
    Spitfire can compete on price on large and mid sized trailers. Small trailers we are close to competing, but the high quality of our accessories is hard to absorbed in a trailer with minimum metal as each trailer has similar standard parts like a coupling, tyres, alloy rims, lights, torsion axles, alloy wheels etc.

  • Wheels

    All Spitfire marine trailers, except our smallest dinghy trailer, come with alloy wheels as standard.

  • Couplings

    Every Spitfire trailer has certified couplings marked with the approval numbers.

  • Safety Chain

    Inspect a Spitfire trailer and you will find every 5 th link in the safety chain is stamped with the compliance number.